Monday, August 29, 2011

Quickie Update: Juilfs To Donatos

In case you were wondering, it takes me about 23 minutes to run half of the track at Juilfs, through the woods and through the fields of Nagel Middle School, and up Nagel Road to get to Donatos on Beechmont. Know your abilities, right?

I started my run this evening (after a shameful handful of days without any) but got a call from a family member I hadn't seen in a long time. Today is sort of a memorial day for them and they make it a point to visit certain restaurants on this day. Anyway, she asked me to join and I agreed but wanted to finish my run first.

So I continued the normal path at Juilfs but thought, wait a tick, I can just run there! I estimated that it'd be about the same amour of time as my workout, give or take, and it was.

Good story.

Whatever. I ran, I got pizza, I visited with family, and I got a ride back to my car. Ha!

Later dudes!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Foggy Saturday At Armleder

I'm a little behind in my posts, and I apologize for that. But I have pictures!

Saturday's run at Armleder wasn't so good. I had a bit of an upset stomach and it kept me from completing even one loop (1.9 miles). I did finish just about a mile before wandering down to the river to get some pictures. Then I walked about a half mile more after the photo shoot.

Saturday was a sunny, warm morning, but when I got close to the park, I found a thick blanket of fog covering the entire Little Miami River valley, including Armleder. It made for some interesting pictures and kept the sun off my head for a little.

Anyway, on to pictures!  (And I'll post about Monday night's run soon.)

All pictures Copyright 2011 MoreToLoveRunning, so don't steal them, because they're just that good.

By the way, check out this blog entry for pictures of Armleder without the fog, just to see the contrast.

 Fog. And birds in a tree. Exciting.

 Fog. And a car. Check out the sun, though! 
It was about 9:30 a.m. and that sun was BLARING on top of Beechmont hill.

After my failed run, I took a walk down to the river.
Sadly, there was no Matt Foley living in a van down by the river, but there was this sweet photo opp. "Whoops a daisy."
(Looking south down the bank of the Little Miami)

Down the river. Some remaining fog.

 Up the river. When I first got down there, a kayaker was "docking" and getting out, but I thought I'd avoid being stalker-y and took downstream pics instead. Sorry if I failed you.

Ah, there we go. Some sunlight.

I just love it here! So pretty!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Just A Picture - Little Miami Scenic Trail

It was real pretty when we was out runnin' last night, y'all. Here's a purdy picture I snapped with my fancy telephone.

Photo Copyright 2011 MoreToLoveRunning

Thank you, Mr. Fisherman, for casting at that very moment. 
(Taken on the Little Miami Scenic Trail overlooking, you guessed it, the Little Miami River.)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Traffic, Books And Running, Of Course

Another quickie!

1) I sat in stop-and-go highway traffic for about 50 minutes on the way home. My usual commute home takes 30-35 minutes, and that's on medium/heavy days. And apparently this will be going on for awhile.

2) It's beautiful out. That made traffic almost bearable. Plus I know there are worse routes right now.

3) I'm so excited about running in this beautiful weather, especially since I'm doing it for fun. No training nonsense.

4) I refilled a prescription with the new insurance and it was FREE! Woohoo!!!!

5) My book became available at the library. It's "Fall of Giants" by Ken Follett. New author for me. It's 985 pages and weighs roughly 30 pounds.

6) PHENOMENAL run with Caitlin and Emalynn tonight. 2 miles on the Little Miami Scenic Trail. I only stopped to tie my shoe and then made 2 20-ish-second walk breaks on the return leg.

7) Caitlin is now MY rabbit. Muahahahaha!

Good night!

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Monday, August 15, 2011

A Weak Week Recap

Hi all, sorry about not posting, but I have been running. I'll just give you a quick recap now and get back to regular programming soon.

I tried running on Wednesday last week at Veterans, but I think a few things kept it from going well. First, last Sunday I tackled the Five Mile Trail and may have had a little too much fun running down the hills. My shins and calves were quite tender last week. Second, I think I laced my shoes too tight. Third, my back was SUPER wonky on Wednesday and I could never really find a balanced stride when I was running. It's weird, I felt like I was lopsided, which, according to what I know about chiropractic stuff, I probably was. Either way, I lasted a solid 15 minutes before giving in and calling it a night. I felt like I was running on stone legs from the knee down. That's not so comfortable.

But I went right out again on Thursday, this time with Caitlin at Miami Meadows. I'm not sure how long we went, but it was good. Caitlin kicked my butt big time, and Emalynn decided that neither of us were going to run much longer when she became very "vocal" about her dislike of the evening's festivities.

Then I hit the road again on Sunday afternoon at Juilfs. I ran for 24 minutes straight, no walking. Yay! That felt good. I even did a little off-path running, just to see how I managed. I like it. It's almost like I was concentrating so hard on not tripping or spraining an ankle that I forgot to be tired. I immediately remembered to be tired when I got back to the paved path. I also remembered I had to pee.

So that's that. The weather is fall-like here in Cincy, and it's making me eager to get down to business. I'm actually excited about it!

Shout out to Mr. Purulent Smile for his major running accomplishment this weekend! Next stop, 5K!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Close Encounters Of The Wild Kind

Today's run post was brought to you by the letters H and W, for Humidity and Wildlife.

I took a midday run on this fine, humid Sunday. The temperature was quite low compared to the 90-100 degree "dome" we've been baking under for the last, I don't know, month? It was somewhere in the 80s and overcast most of the day, so I figured, What the heck, I'll run in the afternoon. One better, I'll do it on the hilly Five Mile Trail

Whoo-wee! My lungs got a workout today!

But I'm glad I went when I did. The Five Mile Trail (read my first blog about it and check out some pictures here) is such a pretty path. It's always so green and lush and fragrant. It was even better after the much needed thunderstorm in the wee hours of this morning.

I tackled the trail from the Newtown Road entrance, giant uphill first. I wasn't out to run hill repeats or anything, so I just took it easy and went as far as I could before resigning to walk the rest of the way up. It's real big, folks. Steep and long. But from the crest of the hill, I ran the whole first leg of the out-and-back, save a brief walk at another mini-monster hill at the end of the leg. I turned, ran down the mini-monster, then let myself walk the uphills and run the crests and downhills for the second leg. All in all, considering my freshness in my return to running and considering the milkshake-thick air, I'm pleased.

Now to the wildlife portion of our programming. Turns out I don't do so well with any kind of wild (read: everything but a domesticated cats or friendly dogs) animal. 

Exhibit A: Yesterday after a wedding ceremony, the bride and groom released a small flock of domesticated/pet white doves. It was a magical moment, so naturally, I screamed and ducked-and-covered --twice-- nearly diving to the ground as the beautiful creatures fluttered about overhead. Fortunately I'm not what the crowd was paying attention to, so I don't think more than 8 people saw what I did. Embarrassing nonetheless.

 Wing-ed spawn of Satan (source)

Exhibit B: I had a standoff with a doe on the trail this afternoon. I was trotting down a hill in the middle of my return leg when I rounded a corner and saw a large brown thing. I thought it was a wild dog and prepared to have to kick and scream and fight for my life, but I almost instantly realized it was a deer. Oh, no problem, it'll run away when it hears me. It heard me, it saw me, it did not run. I coughed, I clapped my hands, I stomped my feet while running. The deer was just standing there. And it didn't have the headlights look either. It had no fear in its beady eyes.  I was, no joke, about 10 feet from it before I realized my plan wasn't working.

 It was *almost* this big. Terrifying. (Source)

Don't get me wrong--I am an animal advocate. I love all creatures and abhor hunting and get sad when I see any animal dead on the road. (Except maybe white doves.) But this was a big animal. And it had hooves. And hooves are hard. I may or may not have visualized this doe, standing on its back legs, hoofing me to death, kind of like a kangaroo with boxing gloves.

In case you needed help visualizing. (Source)

But I'm brave and I don't panic at unreasonable things, so naturally I squealed a little and turned and ran in the opposite direction, flailing my arms (again, just a little) hoping it wasn't chasing me. I think the doe was intimidated by my wicked survival skills and sauntered slowly off the trail and into the woods. I swear it rolled its eyes at me.

Whatevs. So now you know how to get rid of a scary deer.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Late Night Parking Lot Run

I just took an impromptu run around the parking lot of my complex. After eating a not-so-light dinner at 6, I felt ready to give it a try at 8:30. Though I keep telling myself to stop trying to run after eating, I can't seem to stop giving it a go.

Well, this time...not bad! I felt a little "heavy" at times, but I totally just ran a full 20 minutes without stopping. I truly can't remember when I did that last.

Yay me!

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Another Reason To Love The Oatmeal

While I think oatmeal is a delicious and nutritious breakfast meal, wonderful for pre-run eating, I LOVE The Oatmeal.

Consider yourself warned, many of The Oatmeal's pages include foul (and hilariously used) language.
The artist/author's writing and comics crack me up on a regular basis. They can also be educational. I've used several of his posts to educate my coworkers on the proper use of punctuation. Specifically ...

Then, of course, since I'm notorious for being a bit of a crazy cat lady, I have a special place in my heart for The Oatmeal's cat comics.

But today The Oatmeal posted about his recent ultra marathon (anything over 26.2 miles) experience. First, he runs. Yay! Second, I love that he shared his experience on his website. Third, his bit about runner's trots is amazing. I laughed a lot. 

So, if you're looking for a fun running-related read, check out The Oatmeal's blog about his first 50 mile ultra marathon.