Friday, December 10, 2010

I Got Pants With Zipper Pockets!

It's true! I'm super excited to announce that I am the proud new owner of these glorious running pants, complete with zipper pockets a-go-go. They're everywhere!

Men's Adidas Astro Running Pants. I got mine at Nordstrom Rack with my fabulous Groupon, but this image is from this website, which includes an extensive product description.

They're all moisture-wicking and fancy and are actually MADE for running. Oh, and they're only XL. YAY! (As a side note, I clearly have the lower body of a man. These fit perfectly.)

I also got a technical shirt, which is what I imagine UnderArmor shirts to be like. I believe it's a "compression" shirt. Basically, I can only wear it under my long-sleeved tshirts because it's bathing-suit tight. That's okay. It's WICKING!

Oh, about that ... we had a bit of a heat wave in Cincinnati today (I think it got above 40 degrees), so I got to run outside in the new gear. I definitely experienced the cold in a new way with these new clothes. I stayed warm and felt cool all at the same time. Weird. I guess these moisture-wicking crazies know what they're talking about.

Last thing. I just did a 32-minute run through the 'hood tonight! Yay!


  1. Yeah, the moisture wicking makes all the difference. I refuse to run outside in the winter, but I DO ski a lot, so it's all about the awesome cold-weather gear. :)

  2. Step one of my "Hopefully Going to Start Running Soon" phase has been accomplished. I bought the C25K app for Sara's new Ipod. Now we need music and I need some will power and motivation.

    Wish me luck.

  3. Yay Matt! Keep me posted on how it goes and let me know if you need anything. =)