Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Quickie: Two Miles, Wish List, Time On My Back

I've been spending some extra time on my back lately. Yep. My chiropractor told me to. 

Looks like this. Only with a couch. And an iPhone for entertainment. And two cats circling your head for attention.

It helps my lower back issues, surprisingly, a lot. Just, you know, lying on the floor. It's shocking how difficult it is to remember to get low, get low, get low and get on the floor to stretch, though. And then to stay there, being still, for 10-15 minutes. But it works. I'm going to get low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low here shortly.

Oh, and it's the perfect opportunity to pick up my hand weights and do a little work on my arms. Whee multitasking!


I have a new wish list item. Shoes and extra "girly supports" are always on the list, but I've decided I want a Garmin GPS watch

Garmin Forerunner 405CX. Image from Amazon.

After reading some of my friend Anne's latest blog posts about her half-marathon training and running the Disney Princess Half Marathon this past weekend (GOOD JOB, GIRL!), I've decided I want to be cool like her and get one. The GPS in these is much more accurate than the cell tower GPS of an iPhone or other smart phone.


I totz just ran 2 miles tonight without stopping and kept my pace under 13 minutes/mile. Woohoo! Haven't done that in a long time! It felt really good. My legs didn't cramp up. My breathing was A-OK (probably because it was about 65 degrees and breezy...on February 29 in complaints). My back and hips felt fabulous (probably because of my fabulous adjustment just before the run...praise be to the chiropractor).

Good run. Fun run. Again, should have kept going. Here are the basic stats from


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Oh, and in case you didn't know (because I didn't until recently), if you are a "fan" of a page like my More To Love Running page on Facebook, the owner of that page (me, in this case) can't see anything on your profile other than what is already public. 

For example, if you have Fort Knox-style security set up on your personal account (like yours truly), then if you go and "Like," oh, I don't know, New Kids on the Block, Danny, Donny, Joe-Jon-Jordan can't see your pictures from that NSYNC concert you went to.

So what I'm saying is, don't be scared of reverse stalking from More To Love Running's Facebook page.  =)



  1. YAY FOR RUNNING 2 MILES STRAIGHT! And Kathleen was doing those stretches the other day after her run. Matt came out of the bathroom to find Mellissa, Kathleen, and I on the floor stretching out our lower backs.

    1. Haha awesome. I had no idea something as simple as laying on the floor and not moving could help so much.

  2. Just a heads up on the Garmin: races will sometimes tell you ahead of time NOT to trust the Garmin (for a variety of reasons), so while I still wear it for training and races, it very rarely will match up with the mile markers in a race. So ... just a heads up. One race we did last year even had a freaking attachment to an email about GPS watches and how they're not as accurate as the thing the race director (or whomever) uses ... but I still love it and don't plan on not using it :)

    1. Thanks Liz. I've definitely been drooling after them. Fortunately I'm not a competitive runner in that I would need to worry about such a fine line of accuracy between race directors and a Garmin. I just figure it's better than my phone. Want want want! =)