Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A List Post: Things And Stuff

Blogging is difficult when it's nice out. It's clearly meant for evenings in the summer when it's overwhelmingly hot, the mosquitos are ravenous and the a/c is blasting.

So you're getting a half-a'd post, but with pictures!

Revelation: thinking about your arms getting smaller will not, in fact, make them smaller. You actually have to, you know, do stuff.

Chiropractors can be good guys. Mine are (there are now two sharing the pleasure of strategically cracking my back) are working wonders on me. My back is straight, which means my hips are straight, which means my legs are even, which means I'm not abusing my legs and my shins are happy. If you need a recommendation for one, I've got one.

I love spring. In case you didn't know.

I got a new job! Well, an old job back, but with new and multiplied appreciation.

We missed my Runniversary! As of March 1, I've been running for 2 years! 2 years?! How'd that happen? Happy Runniversary to me!

We also missed hitting 10,000 page views on that ticker over there on the right (look over and up a bit). Whee 10,000!

I did interval training to other for my running workout. Not Ye Olde 5:90 intervals of jogging and walking. Nope.

Here's the app-generated Facebook status update I posted tonight:
Just finished an interval training workout.
Walked for a few minutes.
10:00 jog/warmup
0:30: High
1:30: Low
Repeat 8 times
5:00 jog/cool down
Walked for a few minutes.
Total time: 46:00 + a few minutes

Ps, if you haven't added me on faceboook, please do! More to Love Running on Facebook.

Picture time!! From tonight's workout.

The pond at the TQL running path. Makes for a nice view every lap.

The interstate screaming by right next to the lake. Talk about having an audience while you're running.

Bonafide sweat drops in front of my bench after my workout. As in dripping from my face...rapidly. it's fun to be warm after running instead of freezing.

See? Sweaty face! Threatening nose-sweat drop, sweat 'stache and sweat eyebrows.


Obligatory shoe-and-fountain shot.

Sunset over Lake TQL

Good workout. Challenging and easy all at once. Definitely a repeat. Oh, and it cracks me up that a 10-minute jog is now my warmup. That shh cray.

And with that, this post is complete. So much for half-a'd. I'm such an overachiever.

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