Sunday, March 11, 2012


Happy Daylight Saving Time, everyone!

I commemorates this momentous occasion with a fabulous 3-mile jaunt at Lunken this morning with Caitlin. It was her first time running there--and her first time running in 2 weeks--and she kicked my butt. Well, at least for miles 3 and 3. :)

I started at quite a speedy clip, but dragged at the end. I could feel the longer stride helping during that first mile.

I could also feel the 90-second walk breaks letting my leg muscles get cold. I'm starting to really believe that running straight through us less painful for the legs. Any thoughts in that? Seasoned and new runners alike...bring on the feedback.

Anyway, here are today's iMapMyRun screenshots:

There's a chance I'll get out for a walk later today. I just can't let this weather and extended daylight go to waste! :)

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